Be Still and Thankful

Kristen Deede Johnson

READ : Psalm 50:1-15

Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving . . . (v. 14)

I am, by nature, a do-er. At the end of the day I could determine that it has been a good day because I’ve checked a lot off my to-do list. In my mind, many of the things I’d done would have been for God. But sometimes I need to stop to check the spirit in which I’m doing all of these things. Sometimes I need to stop doing so much in order to be still and thankful for all that God has done for me.

In this psalm we see God upset with his people, not because they haven’t done enough, but because they haven’t done what he truly desires. They’ve been sacrificing burnt offerings to God. These were sacrificed to atone for sins, but God also wanted his people to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving sacrifices were part of a covenant meal in which God and his people feasted together in a spirit of gratitude for God’s provision and presence.

This psalm reminds us that God doesn’t just want us to do things for him. He wants us to be with him, to feast with him and our brothers and sisters in the faith as we rejoice in the gifts of his love and celebrate his presence with us.


Help us, Lord, to be still and thankful as we remember your love and grace.