Taking Inventory

Kristen Deede Johnson

READ : Luke 9:11-17

And taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven, and blessed and broke them . . . (v. 16)

It always amazes me that Jesus, the one through whom all things were created—including the grain that becomes bread and the seas in which fish swim—made a point to pause and give thanks to his Father for the bread and fish before he broke them. How much more should we, who were also created by God through Jesus Christ, pause to be thankful for the food and the many other gifts we’ve received.

Thanksgiving Day offers Americans the chance to do just this—to pause, attend a gratitude-filled worship service, gather with friends and family, and be thankful. I sometimes wonder if Jesus was thanking God for both the provision of food and the miracle of bread. How extraordinary that a few ingredients stirred together and baked can produce something like bread, not to mention pie and cookies! Each day is full of gifts like these that we often overlook or take for granted. Thanksgiving Day enables us to take inventory of all the gifts, large and small, that compose our daily lives. We don’t need miraculously multiplied loaves and fishes to recognize that every bite we take is a miracle of God’s provision and creativity.


Help us to be thankful, Lord, for the miracles of food, fellowship, and your saving love.