Descended from Noah

Lee DeYoung

READ : Genesis 10:1-20

These are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Sons were born to them after the flood. (v. 1 ESV)

Our daily East African classroom sessions were based on Words of Hope’s chronological Bible study “Basic Messages of Hope.” Our study of the flood prompted questions about the descendants of Noah. The African pastors and evangelists were curious about their place in the post-flood genealogy. As Sudanese, Tanzanians, and Kenyans, the students traced their ancestry from Cush, whose father was Noah’s son Ham. The descendants of Ham became the eastern and southern peoples of Mesopotamia—including south Arabia and north Africa.

In Genesis 10, Japheth’s sons are listed first but mentioned only briefly since they wandered farthest away and were less familiar to the Israelites. Ham’s descendants lived in closer proximity and became Israel’s adversaries. The Israelites came directly from Shem’s progeny who are mentioned last. Although Ham’s posterity seemed estranged from God during Old Testament times, Christ’s church has grown most rapidly among their descendants in recent years. While they have known much turmoil and loss, it is abundantly evident that the Holy Spirit continues to move powerfully in these latter days among the descendants of Ham and Cush.


We praise you, Lord, for enlarging your kingdom among all peoples, and that all are one in Christ. Amen.