Eden 2.0

Lee DeYoung

READ : Isaiah 11:1-9

The earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. (v. 9)

A typical day of biblical training at the Lokichoggio ministry center consists of five hours of classroom sessions. Each group of 40+ students resides for a term of four to five months at the frontier training center operated by Words of Hope’s partner the Middle East Reformed Fellowship. Instructors teach in English with translation into Nuer, interspersed with occasional clarifications in Dinka, Anuak, Shilluk, Murle, Kiswahili and/or Arabic.

Our chronological Bible study sparked a variety of questions during every class. A lesson on Genesis 3, for example, prompted one trainee to ask if God might someday permit his people to return to the beautiful garden of Eden. After pondering for a moment, I pointed to Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 11. One day, God’s only begotten Son (a “shoot” descended from the “stump” of Jesse) will establish a new creation where predators and prey live peacefully together. Similarly, the enmity which developed in the original garden of Eden between mankind and the serpent will end forever. “They will not hurt or destroy . . . for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.” God’s new creation will be like the first Eden but better. And the new Eden (version 2.0) will endure throughout eternity. Hallelujah!


Thanks, Lord, for the hope of spending a glorious future with you. Amen.