Grief Overcome

Lou Lotz

READ : Psalm 77:11-20

You led your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron. (v. 20)

God delivers Israel through Moses and Aaron. Other people are the agents of God’s help and healing. And sometimes it’s when we try to be agents of healing for others that we find our own wounds healed.

A freak accident snatched Lynn’s husband away from her, and she couldn’t get beyond her grief. She would drive to the cemetery every Saturday, put flowers on his grave, and sit and sob. Months went by, but her melancholy only deepened. Finally, her pastor offered a suggestion: “Instead of placing those flowers on Bill’s grave every week, bring them to the nursing home. We have residents there who seldom get visited. A visit from you and a handful of flowers would bring a lot of joy into their lives. What do you say?” Lynn did it, and she discovered that her own healing happened in the process. The more she ministered to others, the more she experienced God’s grace in her own life. It was as though a spigot in her soul had been opened—slowly but surely, the aching sorrow drained out of her.

Heaven helps us through other people. And sometimes it’s when we strive to be agents of healing for others’ wounds that we find balm for our own.


Lord, use me as an agent of your grace.