Advent Waiting

Lou Lotz

READ : Psalm 130:1-8

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits. (v. 5)

Advent is a season of waiting. But there are different ways of waiting.

Consider an old man sitting, waiting, on a park bench. He is not waiting for anything in particular. He is just waiting, passing the time.

Consider a traveler in a busy airport terminal, waiting to board her airplane. She is waiting for something important.

Consider a pregnant woman waiting to give birth. Her waiting is different than that of the old man and the traveler. For one thing, the child for whom she waits is already here. Second, there is a remarkable cooperation going on: the child wants to be born, and the mother is going to help make it happen. She is going to push.

Some people wait, during Advent, like the old man on the bench. They expect nothing to happen, and nothing does. Some people wait like the airport traveler. They await something important—Christmas. And Christmas comes. And it goes. But the best form of Advent waiting is that of the pregnant woman who delivers into the world someone who is already present.

Advent is a form of child bearing. Its function is to bring to life, in your life, Someone who is already here. But if Christ is to be born in you, you have to cooperate. You need to push.


Jesus, be born in my life.