A Picture of Peace

Lou Lotz

READ : Psalm 46:1-11

God is our refuge and strength. (v. 1)

On a fishing trip to Canada some years ago I hiked to the top of a waterfall where the Chapleau River tumbles down, frothy and loud, into the lake below. The river had eroded the bank beneath an old tree causing it to fall into the water. A few branches now reached out over the falls, and at the tip of one branch, dangling in the air, there was a bird’s nest. You could see two little heads poking up, looking around. The waters thundered, the mist swirled in the wind, but the two hatchlings were snug and secure in their little nest.

I took a mental snapshot of that scene, and I keep it in my head as a picture of peace. Now I give the picture to you, hoping it has the same effect on you it has always had on me. When I am feeling anxious and afraid, “when the waters roar and foam,” I imagine myself above them, out of harm’s way, safe and secure in a gentle nest formed by the very hands of God. And I am at peace and unafraid.

Are the waters roaring and foaming in your life? Do the mountains tremble? Don’t be afraid. “God is our refuge and strength.” The Father’s hands will hold you, safe and secure.


Father, I put my trust in you.