An Exchange of Strength

Sandy Zull

READ : Matthew 11:20-30

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

Imagine a presidential candidate in a campaign year adopting the slogan, “Vote for me! I am meek! I’ll make you meek too!” It is so bizarre it isn’t even humorous; just, well, ridiculous. In a culture bred of full-throttle expansion meekness leaves you with a piece of nothing, eating the dust of progress. Perhaps, though, our understanding of meekness is uninformed. Is meekness an action, a character trait, an attitude, or some combination of those? We, like the disciples, will best figure that out by sticking with Jesus, its very embodiment (see Matthew 11:29).

The promise attached to meekness, inheriting the earth, provokes an interesting thought. In its current state who would want it? But Jesus is talking about a new kingdom, the one he brings. What we hate about the present world is its fallenness and sin—the old that is passing away. In Jesus’ kingdom the new earth will be different. There power and possession will give way to peace. People and things will no longer be squandered, or manipulated for evil ends.

Meekness means accepting your intended relationship to the Holy One, in submission to him. The form that it takes in a world where evil continues will call for our wisdom and strength.


Thank you, Jesus, that you give us a model for living that so completely challenges the ways of the world.