The Good Earth

Jon Brown

READ : Genesis 1

And God saw that it was good. (v. 10)

Almost from its inception there existed a heresy swirling around the church that suggested all things material or earthly were evil. The goal of life was to escape the confines of earth and the body. Although the earliest Christian leaders were savvy enough to sniff the error of this false teaching called Gnosticism, such thinking has periodically found a way back into the Christian tradition. Even St. Augustine, before his conversion, fell prey to a form of Gnosticism. It is easy for us to do the same, to think of the physical and material as bad, and of things earthly as of no value in comparison with spiritual things.

But that is not what the Bible teaches, nor what our creed affirms. The Bible teaches that God made the earth, cared enough about it to name it, and was pleased enough with his work to look at it and think it was good. God likes the earth he made. And if God thinks it is good maybe we should too, to see it as inherently valuable as made by God. When we proclaim “God made the earth” this means more than merely that God is the one who created. It also means that the earth is good.


Almighty God, you saw what you made and thought, “It was good.” Help us to treat it so. Amen.