Living in a "Thin Place"

Tim Brown

READ : Revelation 21

I saw a new heaven and new earth . . . (v. 1)

The Bible begins by telling us that “God created the heavens and the earth . . .” and it ends with John declaring, “I saw a new heaven and new earth . . .” Heaven and earth were joined in the beginning and will be again in the end. It was only human disobedience that ruptured them in between. It should be otherwise. In fact, those sisters and brothers who have lived their lives on earth by heaven’s rule have often found heaven drawing especially near to earth. They call that place of co-mingling “a thin place.”

Earlier this year I shared a painful conversation with a friend who told me she had just months to live. I invited her to hold Jesus to his promise never to forsake her. I asked her to share with me any occasion in which he unmistakably came to her. One night while she lay waiting to sleep the Lord came to her. She later wrote to me with great joy; “Tim, I knew it was [the Lord] . . . I fell asleep in the presence of God that night. I know now that heaven and death is nothing to be afraid of, but something to long for.” My friend found herself, to her great comfort, living at the end in a thin place.


Loving God, give us eyes to see you always near. Amen.