Experience Without Explanation

Alec Motyer

READ : Exodus 1

The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied. (v. 12)

Persecution does not cause church growth. The Bible would not suggest this, and the experience of many of God’s saints disproves it. No, it was not the suffering of the Israelites in Egypt that caused them to grow, but that the Lord never fails to keep his promises.

The world (Egypt) attacked the church (Israel) in the workplace (v. 11), the maternity suite (v. 16), and the home (v. 22). The Lord’s people were opposed by worldly wisdom (v. 10), craftiness (v. 15), and a public policy of genocide (v. 22). But at no point did God explain why. It was all experience without explanation.

But if they had their spiritual eyes open it was not experience without comfort. They were the covenant people, known in heaven by name, numbered as individuals (vv. 1-5). Pharaoh could do his worst but could not stop the Lord from keeping his promises (Genesis 15:5; 46:3; Exodus 1:7, 12, 20). He could be crafty, but the Lord always has his counter-agents of mercy (1:15, 17). Pharaoh could plot to throw Israel’s sons into the Nile, but there was coming a son—Moses—whom the Nile could not devour (2:1)!

The Lord is always keeping his promises, frustrating his opponents, outsmarting the plotters. He has power over all the power of the enemy.


Lord, please keep me patient, and open my eyes to your faithfulness.