The Miracle of Divine Providence

Alec Motyer

READ : Exodus 2:1-22

He was crying, and she took pity on him. (v. 6)

Pharaoh thought it was safe to keep girls alive, but it was womenfolk who foiled his plans: the Hebrew midwives (1:17), Moses’ mother (2:2), his sister Miriam (2:4), and, crucially, Pharaoh’s own daughter (2:5). Throughout it all there is no mention of God’s action, yet his sovereign rule is plain. Who else but he could bring a tender-hearted princess out of a genocidal royal family? She had Pharaoh’s genes but not Pharaoh’s heart! The hidden ways of God are marvelous; the miracles of divine providence loom larger in the Bible than the miracles of mighty intervention. He may not show his hand but he never ceases in guardian care.

No, not even when we prove failures. A well-intentioned Moses (Acts 7:25) went rushing in to help a Hebrew slave in trouble (vv. 11-14) and soon found himself rushing out of Egypt altogether (v. 15)! End of story? Certainly not! Even for the disastrous Moses, the Lord has a welcome, a wife, and a family in waiting (vv. 20-22). And there’s more: Moses learned wisdom in the cities of Egypt (Acts 7:22), but only in the wilderness of Midian (v. 15) would he learn to be a shepherd (Psalm 77:20).


Sovereign God, you work all things together for good for us who love you. We worship you for the unsearchable depth of your riches of wisdom and knowledge.