Fruit from the Root

Kevin DeYoung

READ : John 15:1-11

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. (v. 8 ESV)

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say he is a Christian. In fact, Jesus tells us that on the last day many will say “Lord, Lord” who never really knew him. We must do more than say we are Jesus’ disciples. We must bear fruit like we are Jesus’ disciples. The Bible is very clear about this: we are saved by grace, but the grace that saves also transforms. It is joyfully and mercifully true that we don’t have to merit a good standing before God. Justification is by faith alone. But everyone who is truly justified—declared righteous—will also be sanctified—made more and more into Christ’s image. Bad trees bear bad fruit. Good trees bear good fruit.

Bearing good fruit brings God glory. When we look and act like Jesus, it shows that he is good enough to save us, valuable enough to be followed, and strong enough to change us. God is not glorified by nominal Christians who never lift a finger to serve others, or egg-head believers who never pray or evangelize, or cranky disciples who show zero love, joy, patience, or kindness. God is glorified when we follow Jesus in all of life and bear fruit as his disciples.


Father, may others taste your grace and truth in me, for your glory. Amen.