Giving to God's Glory

Kevin DeYoung

READ : 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

. . . they will glorify God because of . . . the generosity of your contribution . . . (v. 13 ESV)

God loves a cheerful giver, which according to the old preacher’s joke means that if you aren’t happy giving your money away, keep giving until you are! Actually, it means something much more serious. Our generosity has profound potential to bring God glory. Miserliness, on the other hand, has great potential to sour the effect of the gospel in our lives.

In assessing your own level of generosity ask yourself, “Does my lifestyle lead others to glorify God?” (v. 12). Do people see your sacrificial giving and say, “Wow! Praise the Lord for her generosity. It’s amazing how she trusts God and loves his kingdom”? Or do they look at you and marvel at how a Christian could be so greedy? Then ask yourself, “Does my lifestyle demonstrate that I love God more than stuff?” We worship a God who gives freely and lavishly (v. 15). Is this kind of giving reflected in your checkbook?

Finally, ask yourself, “Does my generosity keep the free flow of grace going, to the glory of God?” (v. 14). People have given so the gospel could come to us. Will we clench this grace tightly or let it flow freely to someone else? Let money slip through your fingers into ministry, and God will get the glory.


Make me a cheerful giver, Lord. Amen.