Our Glorious God

Kevin DeYoung

READ : Romans 1:18-23

. . . they did not honor him as God. (v. 21 ESV)

God wants to be worshiped. He is worthy to be worshiped. He made us to worship him, and in worshiping him we will find joy for our souls.

But God doesn’t want to be worshiped any old way. We do not worship God rightly unless we worship him as all-glorious. If older generations sometimes conceived of God as an austere kill-joy, younger generations (like mine!) have little sense of the holiness of God. We’ll say “awesome” while playing video games or watching football, but we don’t know what it means to worship the One who is awe-filled and awe-inspiring.

Too often we have a God who is a buddy/therapist/chum and not the Holy One of Israel. When we worship God as if he were no more than a nice guy—someone who laughs all the time and likes to hang out with us—we are not honoring God as God.

We need to know Christ not only as a tender lover of our souls but also as one like a son of man with eyes like a flame of fire, feet like burnished bronze, a voice like many waters, and a face like the shining sun at whose sight we fall down as though dead (Revelation 1:12-17). King David was right: “You who fear the Lord, praise him!” (Psalm 22:23).


We stand in awe of you, Lord, and glorify your name. Amen.