How to Change God's Mind

John Koedyker

READ : Jonah 3:10

When God saw . . . how they turned from their evil ways, God changed his mind . . . (v. 10)

Some of the early TV shows are still fun to watch. The other day I saw an episode of The Honeymooners. It was New Year’s Eve and Ralph wanted to take Alice out for a party. The problem was that he had to work. So he went in to his boss to ask if he could have the night off. When he realized he wasn’t the only one who wanted time off, he pretended to be sick and in that way he was able to change his boss’s mind.

Humans are one thing, but what about God changing his mind? Can God actually do that? If God knows everything, why should he have to change his mind? And can our behavior influence him?

The Bible says unequivocally that God changed his mind about destroying Nineveh when the people repented. So what is really happening here? God’s mind has always been made up with regard to sin. It is an affront to God and must be punished. But he is always willing to turn away from judgment if people will repent and turn away from sin.

Do you want to change God’s mind about punishing your sins? Then listen to what he says, and obey.


Thank you, Lord, for changing your mind and accepting us. Amen.