Finishing the Job

Joel Plantinga

READ : a:1:{i:0;a:1:{i:1;s:25:”Nehemiah 6:15–7:73″;}}

So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty-two days. (6:15)

I will confess that I’m a “recovering dream-a-holic.” I have lots of big ideas and visions and know exactly where I want to be in ten years. But I struggle to know what I’m supposed to do tomorrow. I dream of having a beautiful home, but right now the yard is unmowed, the ceiling fan is semi-installed, the screen door is still broken. I identify with Nehemiah’s ability to see the vision of a secure Jerusalem with finished walls but marvel at the results in a mere 52 days.

We all could learn from this amazing example of execution. By staying focused and working together, God’s people were able to do the impossible in less than two months. They had many excuses for not finishing the project. They could have just walked away. But Nehemiah had a passion for the completion of the wall, a passion that he communicated to the people.

Unfinished tasks will always be part of our spiritual journey. But I have observed a chronic inability in the church to follow through and finish the things we start. This is a terrible witness to a God who always finishes his work. Don’t waste another God-inspired dream!


Lord, thank you for finishing your saving work for us. Help us to finish all that we do for your name. Amen.