God, Remember Me

Joel Plantinga

READ : Nehemiah 13:31b

Remember me, O my God, for good. (v. 31)

I recall an exercise from high school health class where we had to write our own obituaries. That seemed morbid to me, but it did make me stop and take note of the legacy I might leave when my days on earth come to their end.

Most people would remember Nehemiah for the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall. Certainly that was a noteworthy accomplishment. But we also see that he wanted to be remembered for the spiritual heritage he left and not just for restoring the security of the city. The end of the biblical record of his leadership documents a list of reforms dealing with marriage, the sanctity of the priestly office, and the Sabbath. These were the things he prayed to be remembered for.

What legacy are you building today? Keeping in mind that the purpose of a legacy is not for self-enhancement but for kingdom advances, we ought to think about what we have done and are doing to build godly values in generations to come. Legacies are built one day at a time as we do the work of God in this world. Trust that if you are faithful to him, he will use you to glorify himself in others.


Remember me with favor, O God, and help me to use each day I have to advance your kingdom. Amen.