One Step at a Time

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 1:7-10

. . . the word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah . . . (v. 7)

“We want to know you, Lord, we really want to know you,” goes the familiar worship song.

The prophet, like us, knew some very good and true things about God: his loving character, the purity that makes God react against sin, his quickness to forgive. But Zechariah asked the angel to tell more: what’s the meaning behind all these dream images?

What would you ask, if given an angel consultant? Why is my life so fragile? Why do my plans fail? Why do my children suffer? God, please explain just a little more.

Was the angel’s answer satisfying? We can’t tell, but put yourself in the prophet’s shoes and you might say, “Uh, come again?” God’s answers open up still more questions.

Likewise for us. Answers to our “life questions” are often partial, sometimes ambiguous, maybe suggestive, but rarely clear-cut and comprehensive. We take one step of faith, and another presents itself. We gain a foothold one day, but tomorrow brings another struggle, another puzzle.

Even the prophets, so close to God, so tuned to God’s voice, learned faith one small step at a time. We should not expect God to lay an encyclopedia of explanations in front of us. But ask for daily insight and God will answer, one step at a time.


We really want to know you, Lord.