Love Wins

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 1:12-17

“O Lord of hosts, how long?” (v. 12)

The angel speaks for all of us: “God, how long must we wait for the mercy ship to arrive in port? We have felt your anger plenty, your compassion not enough.” It’s nearly an accusation.

God answers the angel with wonderful news. God’s own heart burns with passion for his people. The ruined temple will be rebuilt. God’s people will not see just a little improvement, but overflowing prosperity. It’s all coming, as surely as God has spoken.

Looking back we know that Jesus Christ, the Messiah sent to pay for all our sins, is God’s big declaration that mercy has come. Jesus’ death and resurrection totally restores us to God’s family. That’s good news.

Looking ahead, the day approaches when all people will know God, and every piece and parcel of God’s promised prosperity will come to God’s dear children. No more tears, the promise reads, no more death (Revelation 21:4).

Is that promise enough for you? Do you feel the hand of the living Christ on yours, pointing ahead with the no-doubt total certainty that love wins because God wins? You may not like the long wait to see God’s promise made true. Neither to Zechariah nor to us is the promise good for immediate delivery. But take heart: God has spoken. And it’s all good news.


Take me another step closer to you, Lord.