Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 2:1-5

I will be a wall of fire all around . . . (v. 5)

How much do you do to protect what you’ve got? From house keys to passwords, we invest a lot of effort to keep other peoples’ hands off our little treasures. If crooks get your car when you fail to lock it, everyone will say, “That’s what you get for being so dumb!”

Zechariah’s third vision is a remarkable lesson on how to really secure your life in a dangerous world. In effect, the man with a measuring line is told to back off, to quit worrying about defensive arrangements because God is the only reliable defense. Instead of calculating labor and materials for walls, just live and grow, God says. Just depend on God!

The vision does not recommend carelessness or naiveté. But neither are God’s people to put their priorities on guarding the treasury. God takes care of his people, finally and fully. We are free to get into the action—to be less “conservative” and take more risks in God’s service.

Is your life a case-study in building firewalls to keep your stuff safe? Are you free to try that missions trip, to stretch your budget to help the church (or the poor around you), to try for that next degree, the one you think you may not be smart enough to finish?

If God is your firewall, you’ll be safe.


Lord, lead me to risk-taking service.