Get Ready to Shout

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 2:10-13

Sing and rejoice, O daughter Zion! (v. 10)

Here is a glimpse of God we rarely see. Imagine approaching the gate of some important person’s residence, hoping for a sighting. After many days of waiting, still no luck. The balconies have all been vacant, porches empty, the grounds bare of people. Maybe in St. Peter’s Square this sort of watching occurs, or outside Buckingham Palace.

Does our God really live in seclusion, reluctant to appear and forever out of sight? So it must have seemed to the Jews in exile, who for many years had lived in bewildered agony remembering their past glory, now all dust and ashes.

Now God shows up. Earlier we heard about his anger. But this is Celebration Day, Redemption Day! God is coming. He’ll be living among us again. He’ll be at the center of things. God will “own and occupy” Jerusalem again. Time to clap and sing. Time also to be . . . silent! (v. 13). There’s awe in this moment. We’ve waited so long. Such marvels are beginning to happen, more than we could ask or imagine, beyond our dreams.

Have you felt that kind of awe? Maybe when your prayer was answered, when your great sorrow met God’s great heart, when your fears evaporated in faith, when love broke through your loneliness. Take heart today. God is good, and you belong to him.


Show me, Lord, a reason for celebrating today.