Promotion to Duty

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 3:6-7

You shall rule my house and have charge of my courts. (v. 7)

I felt I had finally arrived in the U.S. Army when I earned sergeant’s stripes. This was real rank. Every sergeant knows who really does all the Army’s work.

Then the new sergeant was assigned to organize barracks clean-up. Oh-oh, maybe that simple PFC rank wasn’t so bad after all.

New duties followed Joshua’s new clothes. He was forgiven freely, but now he has a calling, a job to do. No one sits around in God’s corps. Important work and witness follow the wake-up call of new life in Christ.

Have you heard a similar call? Your calling, wrote Frederick Beuchner, is where your great passion and the world’s great need intersect. It is your giftedness moving into the world to make a difference for God. Perhaps you will make the world a little safer, its water purer, its food more nutritious. Perhaps you will build creative designs or teach third-graders. Perhaps you will preach the gospel or set up the broadcast equipment for those who do. Using your gifts with gratitude to God, you get to “rule in [God’s] house” and have charge of some small part of his work.

The alternative is lazy self-centeredness. Dropouts prefer the couch. Egotists prefer the limelight. God has a better set of orders for you, with rank and resources to do the job. “Ten-shun!”


Lord, show me my calling.