Four Horses

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 6:1-15

Here is a man whose name is Branch. (v. 12)

Zechariah 6 features a fascinating vision of colored horses, mountains, and an odd reference to God’s Spirit finding rest when these powerful horses travel north.

God is protecting his people. Armies threaten from the north. God’s horsemen are racing to close that border and secure the peace. Everyone—even God—has been waiting for security and calm in the nervous northern passages.

Yet there’s more. Quickly the scene shifts to a coronation. Now the high priest Joshua is called the Branch and commissioned to build the temple. This project will draw people from far away; it will require obedience; it will result in harmony and peace.

Is more happening than meets the eye? Hints of a future that can hardly be imagined?

Zechariah is seeing three time zones in this eighth vision: his present time, a future when the greater Branch (Christ) comes to save, and a still more distant future when God’s people will know peace and safety forever—when Christ comes a second time.

Zechariah looked ahead and saw God’s great purposes realized. We too should see God’s coming Day. We live by faith in the promise which came to Bethlehem, died at Calvary, and rose again on Easter. We look in faith to the promise of renewal and victory when Christ returns. Take courage—God’s master plan will be fulfilled!


Thy Kingdom come, Lord Jesus.