Simple Reminders

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 7:8-10

Show kindness and mercy. (v. 9)

Post-it notes now cover the earth—at least where I live. I need reminders to get chores done, make a call, deliver a package. Any color will do, but my Post-its are still sunny yellow.

Zechariah offers a simple reminder of ancient truths: Justice is only good when it’s true, not perverted by greed. God wants leaders to show mercy and kindness, not make life harder for those already hard-pressed. God wants our practice and attitudes to reflect his love and generosity. Short of that, talk about “justice” becomes one more sorry road to feathering my nest at my neighbor’s expense.

Notice how the previous word from God on fasting and this one on justice both have integrity at the core. God wants our hearts to line up, so that we become whole people alive with God’s Spirit. Then God wants social practice to reflect that living core of love and charity. Be genuine with people, treat everyone as a friend, treasure people on the margins, save your best for people not in a position to return any favors.

These reminders are not “rocket science.” But we need reminders to keep living by God’s Word. Make a Post-it note of this reminder. Try sky-blue if yellow no longer grabs your eye.


Lord, in relationships today, teach me your justice and kindness.