Here We Go Again!

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 7:11-14

They made their hearts adamant. (v. 12)

Zechariah’s prophecy began with God’s anger. The people were lazy about building a temple. By now that temple is built and people have been worshiping for a generation. But God is angry again. Why? The inner temple of peoples’ hearts is still a pile of busted bricks and broken sticks. Souls have shriveled. Hearts are stone-hard. There’s no love.

Temple buildings are important to God. Temple hearts are God’s real goal. Archways and woodwork may dazzle the eye. Love and justice make God’s heart leap for joy. Here the prophet says, “You’re still not getting it.” God is disgusted to the point of turning away from his peoples’ self-serving prayers.

What happens when God’s people get hearts of stone? They stop listening to him, so he stops listening to them (v. 13). And then comes judgment (v. 14). Zechariah describes it as a “pleasant land” made “desolate.” You don’t want to live there.

Zechariah 7 is a road map to avoid desolation. Keep God at the center, worship with grateful hearts, treat people fairly, especially widows and orphans—people without a secure future. Work at this, the prophet urges. God’s Spirit is your helper. Trust, pray, and love.

Desolation—don’t go there. Isolation—avoid that place too. The cure to a hard heart is to listen.


Lord, I’ll follow your road map today. I’ll grow a God-ward heart.