Finding Zion

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 8:1-5

I will return to Zion. (v. 3)

Horton Foote’s screenplays are about redemption and recovery. One of his best was “The Road to Bountiful.” Bountiful lies in the opposite direction from Desolation, where God’s people were heading at the close of chapter seven.

God’s roadway in Zechariah 8 points toward Bountiful. Not a screenwriter’s dream, this destination is so real that images here include happy old age and playful childhood. Best of all, God will be there, in the city, on the mountain. All this is God’s sure promise, because that’s how God wants the destination to feel—cheerful, active, safe, delightful for all ages.

Zechariah’s people had not yet arrived at Bountiful, but they had the map. We’re on the journey too.

Sure, we get moments when God feels a lot closer—warm friendships, loving family, cheerful gift-sharing. But we’re not there yet. One day, God says, we will be.

Hold that ticket, keep that faith, teach it to your children. Let it be on your tongue at your last breath. This world’s best Bountiful is a ghost town compared to the Zion God promises. Love and justice shine like the sun there. God has planned it for you, and God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, has written your ticket by his death on the cross. Believe, trust, and obey. God will get you there, for certain.


Lord, your holy mountain is where I want to dwell.