Get a Grip

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 8:6-13

Let your hands be strong. (v. 13)

A prophetic oracle is a direct word from God. In Zechariah’s third oracle, God twice encourages the people, “Let your hands be strong,” or as we might say today, “Get a grip.” These oracles remind the people that God is working for them. God is their champion. We need that assurance.

If you faced a big decision or project, wouldn’t you like to hear God say, Go for it! I’m with you! Start college, make a job change, begin a business—all risky start-ups. We need a champion beside us, not just in the stands watching and cheering, but actually with us.

“Let your hands be strong” is God saying to his people: Keep moving forward. The risk is not so stressful nor the mountain so steep when we walk together. Use your gifts in my service and watch what you can accomplish. Make the effort. Don’t be afraid.

This is not self-help positive thinking. It is God-helping-us forward movement. This is not sitting and watching God do the work. It is taking a step forward in faith and believing God’s promise. This is not throwing caution to the wind. It is total trust in God’s strength.

Are you hedging your options, fearful about your life’s next move? It may be time to release the fear-brakes and hit the forward accelerator—in God’s strength.


Take my weaknesses, Lord, and show me your power.