The True Word

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 8:18-23

Love truth and peace. (v. 19)

This year—count on it—the big news stories will have nothing to do with the glory of God. We may get headlines about celebrities endorsing politicians, or a new TV comedy breaking old taboos. If religion makes the news, it will be about conflict, hypocrisy, or an angry atheist’s next “breakthrough statement” about the silliness of serious faith.

These headlines will be exactly the opposite of what they should be. Where are the miracles of God’s power? Where are people being renewed and restored? It’s happening today. Our media just don’t report it.

Look at the big news here in Zechariah 8. Fasting will become joyful. Diverse peoples want to learn about God. The world’s elite find fresh excitement in God’s word. These are huge religion-page stories, near miracles. Zechariah has saved the most startling news till now.

Zechariah explains throughout his prophecy how these near-miracles work. People turn to God when they feel God’s strength and mercy breaking through their worn-down lives and filling them with new hope. Nearly every breakthrough happens as God’s people worship, live, share, serve, and lead in such a way that God’s presence becomes manifest (v. 23). That job is ours. All sorts of people will come and grab hold of us, if they can hear—and see—that God is with us.


Bring many people home to yourself, Lord. I pray today specifically for . . .