The Watching Warrior

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 9:1-8

It shall be devoured. (v. 4)

Under the radar on most days rages an intense spiritual battle that I see only when my faith-eyes are opened wide. I may not understand the battleground or sense the raging conflict as clearly as I should. But I do learn from Zechariah and other inspired writers something of how this battle crushes people, sweeps them off their moorings, hits their weak points, threatens their core.

Two adversaries square off here. On one side the prophet lists Tyre, Sidon, and Philistia—i.e., the world. The world has cities, power, and wealth. Its boundaries are delineated and its leaders try to expand them at all cost. They are proud, respected, even feared. Their battalions gnaw on neighbors like wild beasts dripping blood from their fangs (v. 7).

On the other side is God, whose list of war material is never even mentioned. God appears without sea ports or special forces. God’s audited reserves never account for gold or silver. God has only his own word.

The no-equipment-list God wins over worldly powers that seem to have everything. God’s word wins. Cancer may take a battle today. God will beat it. Violence and hate may threaten today. God will arrest them. Heartless greed looks good, but God’s word deflates its appeal. God is watching. He will win. Which side are you on?


With new eyes, Lord, show me your awesome power.