Some Limousine!

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 9:9-10

Lo, your king comes. (v. 9)

Of all the odd ways to transport a king, the back of a donkey takes the cake. I have only once seen a U.S. president’s limousine speeding to a destination. Streets are cleared, guards are plentiful, the limo’s paint job is shiny black. But in Zechariah’s prophecy, Jerusalem’s King and righteous Savior jostles in the open air to the stride of a donkey. And even then, before the week is out, he will be convicted, sentenced, and executed by the very people he came to save. It’s a totally unexpected result.

Zechariah offers a prophetic glimpse of the day we call Palm Sunday. You remember the story: the people waved palms and laid them in the roadway as Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. Large crowds were on his side. This was a great day for an oppressed but noble people. Those same crowds would evaporate quickly when the tide turned.

Zechariah helps us rethink all our expectations about a Victor who brings peace through his own obedience and sacrifice. He breaks the battle bow of death and sin. He promises to return in majesty and great glory. Zechariah shows hints of it; other prophets provide sharpened insight. In it all, your life renewed and restored is God’s eternal aim. Praise the Victor!


Lord, beat back sin, including mine. Be victorious, especially in my life today.