Burnished Gems

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 9:14-17

Like the jewels of a crown they shall shine. (v. 16)

Have you heard a mother sing softly over a baby’s cradle, “Precious jewels, precious jewels . . .”? She is using Zechariah’s image, believing that the baby’s life will grow to reflect God’s promise of a blessed future.

As babies grow, songs change. Moms don’t sing “Precious Jewels” over a teenager’s bed or a young adult’s flopped mattress. Bigger children like more syncopation in their music. But the mother’s heart does not forget. Latter day make-up or whisker growth doesn’t change the song in her heart.

Zechariah tells us that God, our heavenly parent, plans a wonderful future for all his precious people. This is God’s family, and they are happy together. They are jewels, not of a crown, but in a plan, God’s plan to redeem the world. Grain and wine are there for nourishment and celebration. Who would have thought a prophet of the Lord would be so concrete and practical!

Burnishing these jewels, of course, takes training and counseling, winning and losing, grace and resilience. God’s precious-jewel people are in process, and the process is sometimes painful. Yet the end of it, in view here, is great happiness and worship. God has done it. We his people have come to love God with robust hearts and joyful songs.


Lord, fill the children, the teens, the middlers, and the goldens with your hope and joy.