Need to Know

Mark Fackler

READ : Zechariah 10:1-2

The people wander like sheep. (v. 2)

A popular consultant charges megabucks to deliver a speech on “The One Thing Leaders Need to Know.” I bought the book instead of hiring the consultant. So what’s the one thing leaders need to know (coming to you here at a greatly reduced price)? It’s this: people are fearful about the future, and leaders need to anticipate and plan for it.

Zechariah understood this ancient worry. His agrarian people lived (or starved) by rainfall and sunshine. Without nature’s help, no food. His message: trust God for these essentials of life. The magicians whom you hire for the rain-dance are fakes and phonies. They cannot control the future.

We have our own devices to deal with unknowns. We buy insurance to smooth out the trauma of illness or accident. We buy mutual funds to create cash flow when we’re too old to work. We can even pay-in-advance for kids’ college tuition as a hedge against inflationary spirals in the cost of higher education.

Yet the only future is God’s future. Insurance policies and sound investments may hedge your bets, but there’s no future apart from God. And God, the supreme leader, plans the future so beautifully: rains will come, and crops will grow. (Fill in your own life-needs here.) So just trust and follow me, he says.


Lord, into your hands . . . all my days.