Washed in the Grace of Christ

David Muyskens

READ : Psalm 36:1-9

With you is the fountain of life. (v. 9)

Prayer is like taking a shower. When I have been bathed in the love of God I am cleansed and renewed.

When I take a shower I submit to the water and soap that makes me clean. When I pray I surrender to God allowing the living water, Jesus Christ, to cleanse me of all that hinders my relationship with God. I step into the shower of God’s love and grace.

A quick shower is better than none. But I have to stay in the shower long enough for the cleansing and renewal I need to take place. I let go of all else for the moment as I receive the presence of God. As I consent to God’s presence I am refreshed. My soul is renewed in faith, hope, and love.

Of course, taking a shower is not just for our own enjoyment. Our health depends upon it—as well as our social relationships! In prayer we become persons who express the love of Christ. We are called to demonstrate the grace of God. When we are cleansed by grace, we can be gracious. Immersed in the love of God, we become people of loving compassion ourselves.


Fountain of Life, cleanse and renew me for your service. In Christ. Amen.