Your Calling

Lou Lotz

READ : Luke 1:26-38

“Let it be with me according to your word.” (v. 38)

The angel Gabriel, this winged obstetrician, barges into Mary’s life to announce that God has called her to do something and has enabled her to do it. She is pregnant.

We glibly pray that God will help us to know what we are called to do in this life. But we don’t actually expect that to happen! When it does happen, Mary discovers, as Moses discovered before her, and Abraham before him, that God’s call is not as much fun as we thought it would be. There is danger, uncertainty.

But Mary says yes to the gift that is within her. She accepts God’s call. “Let it be with me according to your word.” A calling, as Mary discovered, is frightening and perplexing; but it is also exciting and invigorating. To be called, and enabled, by God to do something in this world—what a gift!

Mary is the mother not only of Jesus, but of our callings, our vocations. God has called you to something and enabled you to do it. God has put a stirring within you, a restlessness that kicks and moves like a fetus. If you deny your calling, if you suppress it, you miss your own annunciation, and you squander the gift God gave the world when he gave the world you.


Lord, help me know and accept my calling.