Grow Up

Lou Lotz

READ : Luke 2:41-52

And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years. (v. 52)

“Child, why have you treated us like this?” says Mary (v. 48). Believe me, that’s a lot more polite than I would have been if my twelve-year-old son had left me for three days without telling me where he was going. This passage is the only glimpse we have of Jesus’ boyhood, and Luke concludes it with the observation that “Jesus increased in wisdom and in years.” He grew up.

When I was a child my parents would measure me standing with my back against the door, and they’d put a pencil mark on the door to measure my growth. Over the years I would look at the door and see the marks, showing how I’d grown.

All of us, young and old, should be growing in our Christian faith. “We must no longer be children, . . .” says Ephesians, “But speaking the truth in love we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” (4:14-15). Are you growing up as a Christian? Can you see the pencil marks moving higher and higher up the door? Are you becoming more forgiving? Is your prayer life becoming deeper, richer? How about tithing—are you there yet?

If you’re like me, there’s much growing still to do. Let’s start today.


Lord, help me to grow in my faith.