Stop Sitting on Acorns

Lou Lotz

READ : Luke 5:17-26

Some men came, carrying a paralyzed man on a bed. (v. 18)

There are two ways to get to the top of a tall oak tree:

1) Roll up your sleeves and start climbing, or (2) Sit on an acorn.

Four friends bring their sick buddy to see Jesus. When the way is blocked because of the crowd, they scramble up onto the roof, tear open a hole, and lower their pal down into Jesus’ lap. Faith always finds the opening that doubt would never have guessed was there.

These guys don’t sit on acorns. They are industrious, ingenious, daring. And not too concerned with protocol. Notice that they don’t ask permission. They don’t form a committee to study this matter and report at the next congregational meeting. Their sick buddy is going to see Jesus, and that’s that.

Isn’t that a picture of the church at its best—a group of folks who bring the needy to Jesus? And isn’t the church at its best when it emulates the resourcefulness and persistence of these four true-blue friends? If one way is blocked, try another way. If the conventional approach doesn’t work, try the unconventional. Isn’t the church at its best when it is more interested in results than in regulations, more concerned with redemption than with rules, more interested in people than in property?


Use me in your service, Lord.