Scarcity or Abundance

Lou Lotz

READ : Luke 7:36-50

Then she continued kissing his feet and anointing them with the ointment. (v. 38)

People approach life with one of two general attitudes: an attitude of scarcity, or an attitude of abundance. An attitude of scarcity says: there is not enough. Therefore I must conserve. I must hold back. I must live sparingly. People with an attitude of scarcity go through life with an eye-dropper, carefully measuring out the contents, fearful lest they spend a drop more of themselves than is absolutely necessary. Simon the Pharisee has an attitude of scarcity.

An attitude of abundance, on the other hand, says: there is more than enough. There is plenty of everything. Therefore I can be openhanded, openhearted. People with an attitude of abundance go through life with an alabaster jar, lavishly pouring out the contents. The woman who anointed Jesus’ feet has an attitude of abundance.

Listen: there is more than enough love in you. There is more than enough mercy in you, more than enough forgiveness. You’re not going to run out. Your account of goodness does not decrease when you use some. You can afford to be generous. You don’t need to portion yourself out with an eye-dropper, a bit here, a bit there. You have enough time to volunteer. You have enough money to give. Throw away that eye-dropper. Go ahead, be extravagant. Show some love!


Lord, help me cultivate an Attitude of Abundance.