Continuous Worship

Steve Petroelje

READ : Romans 12:1-2

Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. (v. 1)

Yesterday we considered what God’s Word teaches about the importance of regularly worshiping with a local church. However, worshiping God does not stop after the closing prayer or benediction. We are to worship God continuously. Every day life provides us with opportunities to worship our Creator with our life, breath, actions, and talents.

Too often we are quick to separate sacred from secular. We assume that Sunday is sacred and Monday through Saturday is secular. In doing so, we miss out on God’s intention for living our daily lives in ways that honor him. Since God created the world and everything in it, all that we see and do has sacred meaning.

We worship God continuously when we honor him through our lifestyle, raise our children according to his Word, carry out our work with honesty and integrity, care for his creation, share our faith with words and actions, pray without ceasing, or show love to our neighbor. When the church service ends, a week of worship begins! As God is glorified through community worship in the sanctuary, so must we worship and glorify him in the marketplace, home, school, neighborhood, and workplace.


Lord of all creation, help me to worship you continuously everywhere and every day. Amen.