A Passion for Witnessing

Steve Petroelje

READ : Acts 4:1-22

For we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard. (v. 20)

Children talk excitedly about something they have enjoyed for the first time. They will tell anyone who listens about their trip to the water park, week at camp, or event at school. As we age, we become less outspoken or exuberant about such things.

This is often true when it comes to sharing our faith. New believers are quick to share the blessings they have encountered through faith in Jesus Christ. New church starts emphasize efforts to reach others for Christ. Yet, without intentional and persistent effort, Christians and churches can lose their passion for sharing the good news.

The Jerusalem authorities recognized the impact of ordinary people proclaiming the power of an extraordinary God. They tried to do everything they could to stop the witnessing efforts of Peter and John (v. 17). But no punishment, warning, or discouragement would keep Peter and John from their missionary calling. They could not keep from speaking about what they had seen and heard (v. 20). They knew that there is salvation in no other name than that of Jesus (v. 12). With the opportunities that God provides, let’s boldly share our faith and pass on the excitement of new life in Christ!


Lord, give me a greater passion for sharing with others what I have seen and heard. Amen.