Samson's Mother

Michael Wilcock

READ : Judges 13:1-25

“If the Lord had meant to kill us, he would not have . . . announced to us such things as these.” (v. 23)

“Use your head,” says Samson’s mother to Samson’s father.

They are not yet Samson’s parents. They believe they are not able to have children. But a mysterious stranger has just told them that they are, after all, going to have a son. Is this a messenger from God?

Then before their astonished eyes the “man of God” rises into the air and disappears! “It’s the Lord himself,” squeaks the husband in terror. “We shall be struck dead. No one can survive seeing God face to face.” “Don’t be stupid,” says the wife. “If we die, how are we going to produce the child he’s promised?”

We know his name—it’s Manoah—but not hers. Was it a time when women were regarded as the inferior sex, as they were by many in Israel in Jesus’ day? If so, this story is a sly dig at that unbiblical idea. The terror of the moment scatters Manoah’s wits, while his wife, called simply “the woman,” rises above it with bracing commonsense.

All of us, though, need to keep our wits about us when emotion threatens to blow away clear thinking. What did God give us heads for?


Thank you for brains to think with as well as hearts to feel with.