"A Woman of No Importance"

Michael Wilcock

READ : 2 Kings 5:1-16

The girl from the land of Israel. (v. 4)

In 1893 Oscar Wilde wrote a play called “A Woman of No Importance.” That title certainly fits the girl in today’s reading. A mere female, a mere slave, perhaps just a mere child. Unlike the well-to-do lady of Shunem, still more unlike the queen of Sheba, this time we scarcely need ask why no one bothered to record her name. This chapter is “really” about Elisha the great Israelite prophet and Naaman the great Aramean general, isn’t it?

We also realize that traumatic events must lie behind this girl’s situation. As soon as we try to appreciate Naaman’s wife’s maid as a person in her own right, we are struck by the pathos of her story—snatched away by war from family and home and freedom, to slavery in a foreign country.

With a background so sad, and a person so insignificant, what glorious and meaningful role does this incident play in the perfect plans of God?

The answer is that Naaman’s healing is another preview of New Testament truth. The gospel reaches all nations. The captive maid was an indispensable link in the chain that brought this outsider, this pagan man, to recognize her God as the only God in all the earth (v. 15).


Thank you, Lord, that none of us is insignificant to you.