The Woman at the Well

Michael Wilcock

READ : John 4:1-29

She said to the people, “Come and see.” (vv. 28-29)

Several of our nameless but memorable Bible characters in these readings are outsiders who with a variety of motives “come and see” something of the unique God of Israel. Here is someone who went a step further. Having met this representative of Israel’s God (she could not have found a better one, could she?) and listened to words so intriguing, so searching, the woman went off to persuade her friends and neighbors in their turn to “come and see.” She who had come and seen then went and told. She left her water jar there with Jesus: she would soon be back, bringing others. An instant missionary!

At the time it must have seemed to her pure chance that she should have met Jesus by the well that day. Not to him, though. When John says “He had to go through Samaria” (v. 4), there was more to that than mere geography. He was going to Galilee, sure, and it would have been a detour to take any other route. But he also had an appointment in Samaria on the way. This was the point at which the Old Testament invitation to “come and see” would blend into the New Testament command to “go and tell.” And God had planned it all.


Lord, direct our “chance encounters” to the blessing of others.