What Man Can and Can't Do

Michael Wilcock

READ : Mark 2:1-12

They were all amazed . . . “We have never seen anything like this!” (v. 12)

But surely they had? It was by no means the first miracle of healing that Jesus had done in Capernaum. Agreed, it was probably the first (and only) time that a roof was broken through to get a sufferer to him; but though that may have been rather surprising, you could scarcely say it was amazing.

No; the thing they had not seen before was Jesus dealing with sin as well as suffering. The response of the hard-hearted was, “He says the man’s forgiven, but how do we know, and how does he know, and what right has he to say so?” A more positive response would be, “Since he has the power to heal, he must also have the power to forgive.”

Though everybody had seen the man walk away, nobody had actually seen his sins disappear, had they? What they had seen was one who could do nothing, a mere man, completely restored by one who seemingly could do anything, one claiming to be the Son of Man, True Man, the Man with divine power and authority. That was what amazed everyone—Jesus’ claim to be able to do what only God can do. The question is, how do people respond to that claim?


Prayer: In our human weakness, Lord, we open ourselves today to your divine power.