The Faith of the Sheep

Tim Trumper

READ : Psalm 23
Deuteronomy 2:1-7

I shall not want. (Psalm 23:1b NKJV)

Real want comes in many shapes and sizes. Material want for many of us has thankfully become a thing of the past. Yesterday’s luxuries have become today’s necessities, such that the subsistence existence of many in poorer parts of the world is alien to us. Materially speaking, our walk by faith has turned into a trot by sight!

Whether writing as a king or as a king in the maing, David knew want first-hand—financially as a poor shepherd boy, emotionally and spiritually when fighting wild animals, physically when taking on Goliath. His claim he’d lack for nothing had been forged by experience and was penned in hope. Doubtless he also remembered Moses’ assurance to Israel that in the Promised Land God’s people would not want.

If the Lord is our shepherd we too may have thisconfidence. He will not only supply our every last need, but provide the desires of our hearts—short of spoiling us. Given this, we can sing with David of the Lord’s providence. Insurance policies, investment accounts, family, friends, and church have their place, but the Lord wants us to lean our full weight ultimately on him. His grace is sufficient, even if it’s made perfect in our weakness!


Lord, help me to see my needs and to trust in you to meet them, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.