The Calming of the Sheep

Tim Trumper

READ : Psalm 23

He makes me to lie down in green pastures. (Psalm 23:2a NKJV)

There are sheep aplenty in my native Wales, but try getting close to one! Up they get and off they trot, bleating as they go. It’s fear. No amount of coaxing seems to persuade them otherwise. But then, I’m not their shepherd.

The relationship between the shepherd and his sheep is what’s crucial. He knows them and they recognize his voice. His very presence challenges their many fears: tension within the flock, the “bully boy” sheep, irritating flies and insects, not to mention plain old hunger. In the company of the shepherd, sheep can do what they find so difficult: they can relax and lie down, and do so in the luscious pastures to which he’s led them.

How like sheep we are! We claim to be “FINE” even though inside we may be “Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional!” There are the big reasons for fear, sure. But how many of our fears have to do with the flies and insects of life? Let’s commit our every fear to our shepherd, whether big or small. He delights to calm our frantic natures and to feed us on his promises.


Lord, we acknowledge that we are fearful and discontented by nature. Be our peace and contentment we pray, through Jesus Christ. Amen.