The Restoration of the Sheep

Tim Trumper

READ : Psalm 23
Psalm 119:169-176

He restores my soul. (Psalm 23:3a NKJV)

Sheep find trouble easily. Some roll over and can’t get up. Birds of prey swoop down and pluck out their eyes or burrow into their sides and claw out their vital organs. Others stretch for one too many tufts of grass and down the precipice they go. Still others stray off the path and lose sight of the shepherd.

Christians, like sheep, get into all sorts of difficulties. David is not so much thinking of the trials that come our way but of the impact of the sinful decisions we make. By them we become prey for the evil one and wander out of God’s established way. In the process we endanger our souls and rob our lives of the joy of being in the center of the Lord’s will.

We can no more restore ourselves than can an upside down sheep. It takes the Lord to rescue us. Our restoration begins when we confess our disobedience. Elsewhere David illustrates the sort of genuine confession that pleases the Lord: “I have gone astray like a lost sheep: Seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments” (Psalm 119:176). Let this be our confession too. Let’s not delay, for the longer we wait, the harder becomes our confession.


Lord, awaken me to the first signs of wandering, and restore my soul I pray. Amen.