The Support of the Sheep

Tim Trumper

READ : Psalm 23

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. (Psalm 23:5a NKJV)

Sheep have plenty of enemies. There are the flies and insects beneath, the parasites that burrow within, wolves prowling around, and vultures and buzzards circling above! In the days prior to insecticides shepherds would protect their sheep by making them eat from tables. Some commentators understand the tables to be high plateaus of green grass. Others refer to the eastern practice of having sheep eat from low-lying tables that kept their feed free of parasites.

Our enemies also come in various shapes and sizes and attack us from different directions. They work as agents of the prince of the power of the air (cf. Ephesians 2:2). If they cannot destroy us, they seek the consolation prize: the disturbance of our peace and joy. The Lord, however, provides for his sheep. He nourishes us right under the noses of our enemies. Of course, our enemies won’t acknowledge this. In fact, they may try to hurt us all the more. Nonetheless, the Lord will continue to neutralize their plots and silence their prattle.

Dear sheep of the Lord’s flock, take heart!


Lord, grant me patience to wait on you when beset by ungodly enemies. Prepare a table for me in their presence, and spare me to serve you, I pray. Amen.