The Pace of Grace

David Muyskens

READ : Romans 5:1-5

. . . this grace in which we stand. (v. 2)

I was reading about Spiritual Direction when I came across a phrase that stopped me in my tracks. It was a quote from a writer named Susan Muto, who said there is always the danger of wanting to “push ourselves beyond the pace of grace.”

I can so easily be driven by our fast-paced, achievement-oriented, technology-dependent society and its pressure to get ahead. But when I move at the pace of grace, the gifts of God that are given in the moment determine both what I am to do and the speed of doing them. When I am attentive to what God is doing I will want to join in the divine action. Prayer is how I exercise that attentiveness.

I love the biblical metaphor of walking with God. Yet I find myself running a lot. The danger is that I run ahead, not letting God set the pace. Sometimes the tempo can be fast, sometimes slow, demanding much patience. The important thing is that I am learning to move with God.

In prayer we get tuned to the providence of God. Through the personal practice of prayer Christ becomes our companion. Then we walk with him, not running ahead or lagging behind. Prayerfully, we live at the “pace of grace.”


Lord Jesus Christ, be my pace setter today. Amen.