David Muyskens

READ : Isaiah 30:15-18

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength. (v. 15)

With a telephone headset I can be doing other things as I am talking on the phone. I can be writing on my computer, planning an event, cooking a meal, drinking a cup of coffee, checking my schedule on my BlackBerry, and conversing with someone—all at the same time. We call this multitasking. It has become a way of life in our 21st century society.

When we pray we take a vacation from multitasking. For a time we let go of all cares except one—to be in a loving relationship with God. Our whole being becomes centered in the One who is the Center of all. We take time out to be with God and be aware that God is with us. We close down our other tasks simply to receive the transforming love of Christ.

It’s true we can do a lot of praying while engaged in other tasks. We may feel that our busy schedule demands such multitasking. But we also need to build into our schedule time when we give our undivided attention to God, time when we are fully receptive to the presence of God and responsive to the action of God. Prayerful resting in God’s love is what enables us to meet the many responsibilities to which we are called.


Holy Trinity, we thank you for both rest and work. Amen.